tallship iris,
the sea wil set you free!

Explore the ocean

Dynamics, development, variety or extra rest and reflection?

On an adventure with Tallship IRIS! Join her on her spectacular journeys. Participate in events at home and abroad. A dynamic experience for both Business to Business and individual visitors.

Sailing with the Iris is perfect for team building, coaching, out with your customers, employees, socializing.
Enjoy a day (or longer of course!) of sun, wind and water.

Events for business, private customers and prospects where you can enjoy the dynamics of the large number of ships, tallships and windjammers.

Can we inspire you?


Length: 36.20 m
Width: 6.66 m
Draft: 2.80 m
Sail area: 400-500 m²

Overnight: 8-10 people
Day trips: 36 people

sail in style

Would you like to come on board in style? Then order a nice shirt or nice warm sweatshirt (sweater) from me!
You can easily order them online. When you come on board, they will be waiting for you and you will also pay on board.
In principle, they will not be shipped. Do you want that? Please contact Floris.

Available colours: salmon pink or khaki

Sizes: M, L, XL
Children’s sizes: 5-6 years, 9-11 years

*payment on board at collection


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