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A little history

Period 1916-1974

The IRIS was launched in 1916 as Pallas and was built for Rederij Nereus.

As a herring lugger, she made five sailing trips that year to the North, the area around the Shetland Islands, to market no less than 1683 laces of herring. As Pallas she remained in the herring trade for ten years. Pallas is a lucky ship, unscathed during the war and afterwards.

When sailing fishing for herring was no longer profitable in 1920, the Pallas was sold to Sweden. There she is converted into a freighter and renamed Age.
Tallship Iris as Aage Copenhagen 1939

She has been sailing from Svendborg for more than 40 years in the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Bothnia.

Period 1974 – 2001

The IRIS was launched in 1916 as Pallas and was built for Rederij Nereus.

Period 2001 – present

In 2001 Ben takes over the ship and changes her name to IRIS.

IRIS is the Goddess of Goodness and is sent out by Supreme God Zeus to bring good tidings to the people. Decked out with a torch, torch and beautiful wings and carried by the rainbow she is faster than the wind.

The IRIS also wants to bring good and is a fast ship in its kind.

A look inside


The accommodation on board is comfortable and the ship has been made suitable for worldwide shipping. Multi-day trips, 8 to 10 guests and for day activities36.

There is sufficient headroom and walking space. The 2-person cabins are equipped with a sink, with cold and warm running water and storage space.

Due to its spacious sitting area and separate dining area, the hold offers enough space for various activities such as cozy get-togethers, dining, but also for giving workshops and training courses and holding meetings.

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