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Meet Floris

The skipper and owner of Tallship Iris is Floris de Waard. Sailing on traditional sailing ships was spoon-fed to him, as he grew up on sailing ships from childhood. Now he works with great passion for the sea, nature and the cooperation with people of different cultures.

In recent years, as owner of the ship Noorderlicht, Floris has sailed around the breathtaking Arctic region. He has now passed that baton on to someone else. Now it’s time to discover other coasts.

Sailing on this beautiful two-master is a great experience and he is happy to take you on board to let you discover and experience the beauty of life at sea on a small scale.

Floris is, in addition to being a passionate and very experienced skipper, also father of a beautiful son.

More about Floris

(By Capt. Deckhand)

It is April 2017 when Floris de Waard sails to Spitsbergen on the Noorderlicht with his girlfriend and best friend.

He follows in the footsteps of none other than Willem Barentsz. On his voyage of discovery, he saw an enormous pointy mountain range looming out of the Arctic Ocean and named it: Spitsbergen.

With temperatures of -36 degrees Celsius and more polar bears than inhabitants, Spitsbergen is not for everyone. Between endless ice floes and fjords, the Noorderlicht is heading for its new berth. From there, Floris discovers the many faces of Spitsbergen in the sailing charter with his guests. Clear blue skies, icy cold and a crystal clear polar landscape form the background of an impressive winter adventure…

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